The Salesians of Don Bosco started their mission in Chitradurga on 12th June 1995. Considering the need of the place and time along with socially beneficial activities and empowerment of the villages the Salesians focused on educating the children as a vehicle of social transformation.It was felt that a change can be brought around Don Bosco and adjoining area only through education and social service. CHITRA (arm of DBC) penetrated into the life and people through various social services which changed in the set up of the villages around DBC. To change the mindset of people, education plays very important role.

Therefore don Bosco chitradurga ventured into the field of education in the name of Don Bosco Colleges. Today children are educated from LKG to SSLC/ICSE. Later to give a holistic education for an individual it was felt that a PUC college was needed. Therefore in 2007 PUC College became a reality. eight batches of students have gone out from the portals of Don Bosco. The motto of DB PU College is “Virtue and Excellence".

Our Mission & vission


Don Bosco Chitradurga is committed to providing value-based education of excellence that meets each student’s interests and abilities. Don Bosco challenges each student to develop intellectual independence, creativity and curiosity and a sense of responsibility toward others both within the College and in the community at large


To foster personal bond between teacher and student and focus on the all-round development of the person, sensitive to the socio-development needs, responsive to the human values and rights. To follow a flexible, innovative and experimental pedagogy that bring out the best in every child.

Our Inspiration

St. John Bosco (popularly known as Don Bosco) was born in Italy. He is remembered as a man who dedicated his life to the service of abandoned young people. John Bosco created an order in the CatholicChurch, called the Salesians. He was a great educator, employing teaching methods based on love rather than punishment. His method of education is known as The Preventive System.

He believed education to be a ‘matter of the heart’; and said that the students must not only be loved, but know that they are loved. Don Bosco institutions are not meres schools; they are a family and education here is a way of life. To have a full comprehension of how it works it has to be seen in action


The core values of our school are central beliefs deeply understood and shared by every member of the school. They guide the actions of everyone, and are the anchor point for all our plans. Our core values are:
• Belief in God
• Love and respect for every Person
• Honour to work
• Optimism and Joy
• Innovation and Creativity
• Responsible freedom
• Integrity, Justice and Equality
• Love for Nature
• Transformation of Self and Society

Don Bosco International

The college is managed by Don Bosco society, commonly known as “ the Salesians of Don Bosco”, which was founded by Don Bosco, an eminent educationalist in Italy. A religious order of the Catholic Church, the Society has over 32000 members working in 132 countries, through a global network of educational and social service organizations which includes 14 universities, 58 colleges and 2062 colleges. Thus Don Bosco reaches out to the world of youth.

In view of its reach and expertise in the field of education, catering to over 9 million young people currently the world over, the society enjoys consultancy status at the United Nations


Fr.Santhosh Manikombel SDB