Pre-University College(PUC)

Chitrdurga is a calm and serene town with towering windmills silently going on doing their work. The town is surrounded by fort commonly called as chitradurga fort. this place has a very historic value.

When we glance around chitrdurga, a number of colleges have mushroomed here and there. Each one promising to give the best of education. Education is not only anour marks but holistc development of an individual. These two years children need an all-round development. since there was a void created in this field don Bosco chitradurga decided to ventured into college education. With the slogan “Education with a Human Touch”, PUC was stared in 2007.

It had its humble beginning. T he first year the college had 32 students with six teachers. Now the college boasts of 540 students with 32 teaching and non teaching staff.

The system of Education

The system of education followed at Don Bosco Chithradurga is Preventive System by Don Bosco. It is founded on Reason, Religion and Loving Kindness. We make our general regulations reasonable and take into account the legitimate demands of our students in our framing of disciplinary rules. We exclude arbitrary commands and try to form in our students deep personal convictions which are capable of governing their lives.

Our active presence among the students- which is one of loving kindness and understanding- has no other aim than that of seeing to the integral development of their natural gifts and of safeguarding them from physical and moral harm.

We respect and uphold the religious beliefs of every individual. Our system of education helps the individual to love himself, others and God.


We believe the future of the country is being shaped in our classrooms and will make sure no youngster is left behind. Taking best practices from both contemporary as well as traditional tenets of education, we have custom-tailored a programme that is highly experiential, contextual, activity-oriented and based on multidisciplinary teaching approaches.

At Don Bosco we follow the guidelines set by the Pre-University Examination Board(PUE)

The academic year begins in June and ends in April. The courses of studies pertains for only two years. The I PUC and II PUC which is prescribed by the PUE board, Bangalore. The pattern of studies ranges from an informal type and progressively more formal kind in both the years.

Course offered



Science stream

•Physics, Chemistry, Math’s, Biology (PCMB)
•Physics, Chemistry, Math’s, Computer science (PCMCs)

Commerce stream

•Economics, Business studies, accountancy, Computer science (EBACs)
•Economics, Business studies, accountancy, Statistics (EBAS)

CET Classes

The two years of PUC is the foundation c for the professional courses which a student aspire to have many of science students would like to go for medical and engineering field. Their fore to face to the competitive exams like CET, COMED-K, JEE(main), JEE(Advance) AIPMT, AIIMS and many more entrance exam the college provides coaching class known as CET Classes.

These classes are jointly conducted by BOSCOSS(Mangalore) and Don Bosco Chirtadurga,

Most of the children are placed in Bangalore and Davenagere in reputed colleges