Don Bosco is open to the development and advancement in technology that has brought innovative way of learning. The school audio visual lab is well equipped and use these facilities for info entertainment. Students get a live multimedia experience based on the topics they study in the theory classroom. It is fitted with a variety of audio-video equipment. This hall can also be used for a variety of seminars and conferences.

Information and Communication Technology is an integral part of Don Bosco curriculum. The School has two computer laboratories with computers in each lab accessible to students. It has advanced infrastructure in terms of hardware and software which cater to the requirements of the students, teachers and the curriculum. The trained and experienced teachers assist children in seeking out information, creating multimedia content, collaborating on project work and presenting the knowledge gathered from multiple sources.

The School Science labs for physics, chemistry and biology are fully equipped with model charts, instruments, chemicals and apparatus required by students in senior secondary school. These facilities have helped students in reviewing and reinforcing scientific & experimental concepts and developing investigative skills. The infrastructure and added facilities in the laboratories create the right ambience for the students to conduct experiments.

The school has immediate clinical facilities and an infirmary to handle any emergency medical situation that may arise.

Play area

We stress much on sports and games not merely as a physical exercise but we believe together with physical growth and shaping future sports men it helps in team work, leadership, confidence building etc.Sports and games are given as much importance as academic studies at Don Bosco School. School has following facilities for sports and game lovers. Athletics-cum-cricket ground Two outdoor basketball courts Football ground Table Tennis Room Indore games Room Volleyball and Throw ball Courts