The System of Education

The system of education followed at Don Bosco Chithradurga is Preventive System by Don Bosco. It is founded on Reason, Religion and Loving Kindness. We make our general regulations reasonable and take into account the legitimate demands of our students in our framing of disciplinary rules. We exclude arbitrary commands and try to form in our students deep personal convictions which are capable of governing their lives. Our active presence among the students- which is one of loving kindness and understanding- has no other aim than that of seeing to the integral development of their natural gifts and of safeguarding them from physical and moral harm. We respect and uphold the religious beliefs of every individual. Our system of education helps the individual to love himself, others and God.


We believe the future of the country is being shaped in our classrooms and will make sure no child is left behind. Taking best practices from both contemporary as well as traditional tenets of education, we have custom-tailored a programme that is highly experiential, contextual, activity-oriented and based on multidisciplinary teaching approaches.
The academic year begins in June and ends in April. The courses of studies extend from pre-school stage (KG) to Standard XII at the end of which pupils appear for the Secondary Education Examination Karnataka. The pattern of studies ranges from an informal type at the pre-school stage to a semi-formal type based on the environmental approach in the early primary school and goes on to a progressively more formal kind in the late primary, middle and secondary stages.
English is the medium of instruction. Hindi and Kannada are the additional languages taught.Art, Craft, Music, Physical Training, Computer Skills, Indoor/Outdoor Games are for all standards. Summer Camps and Club Activities Workshops are a regular feature. Social service visits are also organized.At Don Bosco, we follow a curriculum that is flexible, relevant and engages pupil’s interest.
School timing: Mon- Fri (08.50 a.m. – 03.05p.m.)Sat (08.50a.m. -01.05p.m.)
Office timing: Mon-Fri (09.00 a.m. -12.00 p.m.& 01.00 pm – 04.00pm) Sat (09.00 a.m. -01.00 p.m.)

Teacher Training Programmes

A school’s most important asset is its teaching force and hence the most rewarding investment a school can make is to ensure that teachers continue to learn. Training of teachers is a regular and on-going activity. Our teacher training focuses on improving classroom atmosphere through interactive teaching learning material, classroom organization skills and improving the quality of teaching and learning in the school. These programmes helped to reorientone’s personal values with the institutional values and to treat every child as special and unique individual.